Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

Fourth of July

Provo Freedom Festival. Little M and Little H chose to do this, and Big H and Little S chose to get a toy. 

Eating dinner at the festival. The good is always the best part right?

Celebrating the Fourth of July. I had to get pictures with everyone even the dog.

He's trying to get her to wear a mask for a picture.

The little baby bird we took in passed away on the Fourth. We buried it in the backyard. The boys put markers on his little grave and talked about how the bird could now find it's mom in Heaven. 

Pool party at Grandma's.

Yummy cupcakes!

The 24th of July

Mom had to work on the 24th, so we celebrated on the 25th. We invited friends and family to a pool party. The party was also a way to say goodbye to our friend. He was going to three months of schooling with the army, but instead had to take emergency leave to go be with his son in New York. The boys put some gummy bears in a bag for him to take with him. That way he could have a snack.

Helper Arts Festival 
Little M and Little S had so much fun with Mom, Grandma and Grandpa at the Helper Arts Festival. 

A relaxing Saturday at the Pool

The boys got these while with their Dad earlier. I thought the photo was pretty neat. 

First day of school
August 18 for the twins

August 26 for Little M

Peach Days and a Trip to Kanab
The boys went on a day trip with Mom. We wanted to try and go to Kanab and Bryce Canyon, and we decided to swing by Hurricane's Peach Days for a bit.

Little M saw this paper blowing across the ground. He ran after and exclaimed, "I got it! I got the treasure map!"

We didn't go to Bryce Canyon because of the price to get in, and we took the wrong route home and ended up winding around forever. The scenery was beautiful. Mom was a little nervous. We finally made it home though. 

Little H exclaimed, "It's so beautiful!"
 They were so excited that they got to see a real cactus.
All tuckered out from a long drive home.

Cousin Big P's birthday. The boys sure look up to him.

Cousin K's birthday. The boys have so much fun with their cousin K!

Little M's birthday! He was so excited!

Yard Work 
We have had so much help with yard work this year, and the yard is getting to a really good place. Grandma and Grandpa A helped us pull some weeds one night. We bought them ice cream and pizza to say thanks. 

Every Tuesday we try and get out in the yard. We have a picnic for dinner, and we do our best to get all the things done that need to be done. 

The boys helping me level it out for sod. 

Our lovely garden. It is growing decently. 

Grandma and Grandpa helped us get new sod. It was an exciting day. It really helps to wrap up the backyard transformation that has been going on for 4 years. 

We have always had a good crop of mint growing in our backyard. This year mom decided to pick some and dry it. What a feat that turned out to be. Big spiders and creepy snakes galore. The mint was wild and crazy too. It had grown a ton. Little H helped me sort it, cut it and put it on the trays. We had fun conversations involving crazy dreams and ghosts. 

Movie Time

The boys were dying to see Inside Out so we went on $5 Tues. The seats were terrible, but they had fun.

Little M wanted to see The Minions movie on our date night-- his reward for being good at daycare. The movie was kind of "Meh!" Well, Little M like it at least. 

Little M decided to come along with Mom to see Ant Man. We both loved this movie!

Not too long ago, we were a little crazy, and we went to the 9:50 showing of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The boys all had so much fun. It was worth it, even though we didn't get out till after midnight. 


The boys are big legos fans. Mom doesn't much care for them, but they love them. They want to spend all their money on legos. They have even gotten pretty good at putting the stuff together themselves.

He called it a Ninja, Spiderman Batcave. And he built it himself.

Ice Cream
One night we went to get ice cream and grumpiness happened. 


Yes he went to church like that.

 Sunday at the park. I was so proud of him for pushing his little brother on the swing. He has made some great improvements as far as having a baby brother goes. He told me the other day that he wants to show S that he loves him.

Freckled Faces

These two appeared to get Mom's freckles. A trait not well liked by Mom. She was always promised growing up that having them as a kid meant you wouldn't have them when you were younger. Two weeks into summer and her face explodes. But freckles aren't so bad when you share them with such cute company.

Little S
He has quite the personality. He's growing up, and learning so much.

He calls bouncy balls "boing's". It's super cute!

Copying mom as she does laundry and changes the sheets. 

Wiping up some water on the floor. He asked for the rag and everything. 
 Mom and Little S seem to share ailments. When there were fires surrounding the state the smoke was not kind to us. He had an asthmatic cough, and mom had terrible allergies. We got very little sleep that week.

He's so cute snuggling his food. 

 He wanted Spiderman shoes. We didn't have the matches for either one, but he insisted.
He made his own balloon with a Capri Sun Pouch.
 One night Mom heard a crash, and Little S crying. It's hard to tell real problems from false alarms, so Mom didn't run to him right away. Well, he wondered up the stairs and found Mom, his nose dripping with blood. It took forever to stop it, and it was a terrible mess. He didn't like to have the toilet paper in because his nose hurt, and he kept blowing out his nose, spattering blood everywhere. Then Mom found blood streaked on the walls and floor. Poor kid.
 One day at Costco the nice worker gave him his own "receipt" so he didn't feel left out.

Helping Mom water the lawn. He's always trying to turn on the hose, and yet didn't seem to happy that I finally let him.

Little M
He just loves school. He's been wanting to go with his brothers since January, and he was disappointed that he started a week later than them. Here he is being mom's teacher.
Little M sprayed some eggs with a vinegar dish soap mixture our friend made us for the garden. It left these funny zeroes on the eggs. 

Big H

He was so excited to discover cardinals. His Dad's girlfriend drew him this picture, and he loved it. We got him a frame for it, and he was thrilled!

Little H
Little H is having some trouble in school. He's kind of unmotivated. He doesn't feel like he has a lot of friends and a kid is bothering him. He's been throwing tantrums and really struggling. Mom took him out one night to talk to him about it. While out we saw these windmills. He asked to stop and take a picture.

 "Take a picture and send it to Grandma so she can see how strong I am."
Sometimes we get fun popping things from Mom's work

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